Tuesday, April 26, 2011

how to describe myself now ?

first of all , i just to tell you that before i go through with my story that nobody's perfect . right ? i don't know why i'm being so stupid . it's about between me and him , we have been couple for 6 month but maybe we doesn't meant to be together . i accept it . but what i want to share is i'm still love him until now . i don't know why . i tried to forget him but it doesn't work . i miss all about him . before this we lost contact for a month but he came back . i don't know why but he really look alike that nothing happen between us . it hurt right ? but i have to face it . i admit it that i really love him , but nothing change between us . i want to be alone , but he came to my life again . if i change back  time before i met him . i really don't want to know who he is . but is all faith . we have to accept it . that's all . sorry for my english , still in learning . i do to try my best for my writing . hmmmmm ..

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