Thursday, October 13, 2011

i'm tired enough

i've been stucked by my paper . ouch !
i regret enough . see ?
erghh ! next time i posted to put more on my revision 
*yaaaa ! there will be no more next time*

i have to post manage my time better ..
i'll have to change a little bit 
*derrrr ! whatever~~~*
now , i had swollen eyes due to lack of sleep
its a lesson for me
yaa , last minute preparation ..
easy right ?
yaa ! easy to be the murky ones
damn ! hate it 

and now 
standing in front of the tv
to give more extra power on my eyes 
*sorry dad ! i like to waste my time on it*
- just laugh -

the last , 
i'm tired enough to be like this ..
how can i change into new world
more mature and new enviromental
the answer is , i have to wait about a year to fulfill it
-> i wish <-

Thumbs up untuk post ni

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